What makes Quadcloud Different

High Performance Public Cloud

Cloud For Business & E-Commerce

Quadcloud is built on VMWare, Linux KVM using OpenNebula Cloud to empower Businesses to move to a secure, fast, agile and simple to use cloud.

  • Host Any App, anywhere
  • Build your own e-Commerce / CRM Business
  • Grow on Demand Elastic Resources
  • Superfast NVME+SSD Storage
  • No Vendor Lockin
  • Push apps to the Edge, Closer to users
  • Site to Site DR ready
  • Build a Hybrid/Public cloud with secure VPN
  • VM End to End DisasterRecovery
Enterprise Private Cloud

Hybrid & Private Cloud

Quadcloud can provide Hybrid and Private Cloud

  • Private cloud for Businesses and B2B
  • Hybrid Cloud with VLAN/DMZs
  • Private Cloud, +VPN Access
  • Edge Cloud to connect locally
  • VM End to End DisasterRecovery
  • No Vendor Lockin
  • Push apps to the Edge
  • Site to Site DR ready

Growing the Parallel Economy in Australia

Get your Web site, e-Commerce site, Business Cloud online with an independent Hosting company who supports freedom of choice and speech!

Pay with Cypyto, we take all kinds.


QuadCloud Hybrid Cloud

Built on OpenNebula

We have implemented a distributed, Cloud that allows you to host on-prem, stretch out into Quadcloud, AWS, and other clouds around the world to expand your services to where they are needed.

Quadcloud combines virtualization and container technologies with multi-tenancy, automatic provision and elasticity to offer on-demand applications and services.


  • Deploy Any App,
  • Load ballance Traffic
  • Mix and Match Datacenters
  • Elastic resources
  • RDMA Storage
  • Site to Site Replication for DR


  • Distribute, Expand flexable Hybrid cloud
  • Mix and Match Datacenters
  • VMWare, KVM, LXC Containers
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Why Choose


Grow on Demand

Elastic Resources enables expansion or reduction of CPU, RAM, Storage as and when you need it. Our already low prices mean you dont have to stress over resources you pay for but arent using.


No Vendor Lockin

With Quadcloud you dont have to worry about Vendor Lockin as we can migrate your cloud to any Edge provider. Providing Freedom to host anywhere.

100's Free OS/APP Templates

Just like an app store you can select from over 500 prebuilt app, database, web, proxy server templates, & Create your own.

EnterPrise Compute

Quadcloud is built on Dell and HPE G9 and 10 Servers. The latest and most powerfull E5-2699V4 and Gold 2642 Cores. The fastest Ram, and the fastest SSD and NVME + RDMA storage

Distributed Hybrid Cloud Edge

Using our Distributed Compute platform, Quadcloud has multiple Micro DataCenters. This allows us to provide Enterprise Fail over for 100% uptime.

Instant Activation

Once you provide payment, Quadcloud will implement your cloud instantly. You can access your cloud with out delay, manuals and howto docs and videos are provided to help you get to work, well even give you a call to see how your doing.

Lowest Prices, Packed with Features!

Cloud Plans & Pricing


what's under the Cloud?


Our Cloud uses Vmware and KVM as our primary Hypervisors, with Firecracker and LXC to provide microVM's and containers.

Failover & High Availability

Built with Dual nics on every host, dual storage arrays, your apps are allways available. We have Dual Datacenter's to provide fail over between sites.


Hosts and storage are auto ballanced by storage and host DRS. Meaning your apps are spread across multiple physical servers for better load distribution.


Our core infrastructure is based on opensource Linux Firewalls Intrusion Detection, Spamm removal. Intrustion detection and mitigation, +DDOS Attack mitigation

Easy Cloud Management

You can manage your VPS, Web and Cloud all from our billing app. Or you can directly loginto your cloud via our cloud interface.

Lower Cost Storage

All of our production OS storage is Enterprise SAS SSD and NVME. For backup and storj servers we use SAS Enterprise Hard drives.

VMWare Backed

Windows or Linux VPS Cloud

Windows 10 or Windows Server Std (charges apply)
$ 29 /mo

Linux VPS1 plan

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$ 59 /mo

VPS 2 plan

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$ 99 /mo

VPS 4 plan

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Virtual Desktop Hosting

VDI Hosting plans

$ 149 /mo

VDI 2 plan

$ 289 /mo

VDI 4 plan

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$ 429 /mo

premium plan

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POWER & SPEED at your fingertips

Dedicated Hosting plans

$ 249 /mo

HP Entry G8 Server

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$ 399 /mo

HP G9 v4 Server

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AUD$ 599 /mo

HP G10 Gold Blade

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Business Hosting plans

Powerful Linux/Windows Cloud Hosting - FAST SSD Storage + Dual Intel E5-2690V2 & ECC RAM
$ 9 /mo

starter plan

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$ 19 /mo

business plan

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$ 29 /mo

premium plan

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E-Commerce Cloud Hosting plans


minimum 6 month subscription

Free Cloud Hosting(CPU cores, RAM, NVME Storage)

Our e-Commerce plans are hosted on 99.99% uptime Cloud Clusters - NVME STORAGE + Dual Intel E5-2699V4 & ECC RAM
WooCommerce, Magneto, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Wordpress & many more.


or any other Linux shopping cart. Windows Shopping carts also available on request.

$ 45 /mo

entry plan

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$ 55 /mo

Power plan

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$ 65 /mo

premium plan

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crypto btc
Distributed Crypto Storage & Compute KVM's

Crypto Hosting plans

$ 229 AUD$/mo

StorJ File Storage Node

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$ 89 /mo

Golem/Flux Compute Node

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$ 359 AUD$/mo

StorJ premium plan

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More Cloud Features

Does traditional hosting give you live data migration? no

  • Does it give you full API to manage thousands of servers? no.

  • Does it give you load balancers? no.

    Does it give you VLAN? no.

    Does it give you things like Kubernetes features? no.

    Does it give you scalability? no.

    Storage Features

    Free Migration In&Out

    • Secondary Storage
    • Snapshots
    • Storage Snapshots
    • Cloud Backup Storage
    • Storage DRS
    • Live Data Migration

    Compute Features

    Instant Scalabilty!

    • Expand CPU on the Fly
    • Expand Ram on the Fly
    • Kubernetes
    • Scalability


    Load Ballancing

    • Multiple Public ip's
    • Multiple Internal VLAN
    • Security Groups
    • Load Ballancing
    • 50-1000Mb/s Symetric Internet Connection


    Private Cloud For Business

    Empower your Private Business Cloud, with application hosting, Virtual Desktops for remote access, secure VPN's, secure private storage

    • Private Cloud access via Secure VPN
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Host Applications
    • Host Virtual Desktops
    • Utalise Fast NVME storage for FAST databases
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    What is Hybrid Cloud

    Learn about Hybrid cloud. Quadcloud provides a hybrid cloud, which you can host your infrastructure in our clustered sites in Sydney. Expand using AWS, Google Cloud, And Quadcloud Edge Sites, to expand to the edge, closer to your users

    Prevent VendorLockin

    OpenNebula now comes with new multi-cloud and edge computing features, including a user-friendly catalog and a set of drivers for you to easily add infrastructure resources from public cloud and edge providers. This screencast shows how easy it is now to use OpenNebula, and its new FireEdge GUI, to provision remote resources and create a multi-cloud environment.

    Clients Says

    50Happy customers
    128Blade Servers
    2Micro Datacenter Locations

    Latest Blog Posts

    Expanding and providing quality Enterprise Hosting.

    Clustered and replicated storage between our 2 DC's for maximum uptime. Multiple HP Blade Chassis.

    10Gb/s Dark Fibre
    Jan 22, 2022

    Coming Soon! Dark Fibre is being run out in Western Sydney! We will be connecting once its ready later this year!

    Distributed Computing
    Dec 19, 2021

    As we have been forced from the datacenter for not taking the STABB, we built our own 2 node/datacenter Distributed compute platform

    HighSPEED Enterprise SAS
    May 9, 2021

    Custom Built DELL740XD 12Gb/s SAS SSD Storage Arrays + Quad 40Gb/s Network for maximum NFS/iSCSI Speed. Multiple ZFS Raid 10 backed Volumes for reliabilty + HDD Expansion bays for SoreJ and Filecoin. Seperate 100Gb/s Infiniband Network! 4XFaster than iSCSI!!!